Everyone has a dream. And my dream, ever since I can remember, has been to be on The Daily Show.  My inappropriate feelings about Jon Stewart are well documented, and I’ll confess that a part of my motivation for writing a book has been that it could give me an excuse to be a guest on the show. I am a huge fangirl, and all this years later I still watch the show every night.  So you can imagine my surprise when, last night, I was watching a segment on the “War on Women” and saw this: kristen howerton on the daily show OH SNAP!! If you blink you would have missed it, but it was meeeee!  On the Daily Show! And then, a couple seconds later: kristen howerton on fox news daily show (I love our expressions here. This is me giving Betsy Hart my look of disapproval). All told, it amounted to all of 2 seconds, but I’m going with it.  My life is now complete.