iphone photo dump Photo Mar 29, 8 12 25 AM Last week was open house at the kids’ preschool, and I left all inspired to turn my home into a virtual Montessori setting.  I went to a teacher supply store the next day.  As it turns out, Montessori equipment is ridiculously expensive.  I decided I would pay for their college instead.  But I did get this little letter puzzle and flashcards that they are enjoying. Photo Mar 29, 9 18 53 AM India’s favorite activity is to play “home school”. Somehow I always end up in the role of teacher, whereas I’d like to be given the role of “peripheral person who does her own thing while the two of  you play homeschool”.  Oh well. Photo Mar 28, 10 02 00 AM Last Monday Kembe’s class gave a violin recital. 18 kindergartners on violin. Next to childbirth, this may be the most painful thing I’ve had to endure as a parent. Photo Mar 29, 12 14 04 PM The girls dressed themselves today. Can you tell? Photo Mar 29, 1 23 30 PM On Thursday we always hit the farmer’s market and the food trucks. Why is food from a truck so exciting? Photo Mar 29, 1 04 54 PM They think the farmer’s market samples are a buffet. Photo Mar 29, 6 06 05 PM India found some old yarn and fashioned some hair extensions using a clip.  She then added the glasses, and I wondered how long until she starts her own fashion blog. Photo Mar 30, 5 54 10 PM On Friday we got to see a preview of BubbleFest at the Discovery Science Center in Santa Ana.  Two thumbs up!  The kids loved it. Photo Mar 30, 6 22 44 PM   Photo Mar 31, 2 05 19 PM Jafta had a playdate with his bestie Ryder.  I swear, just last week I was taking photos of these two in diapers. Photo Mar 31, 1 07 21 PM We bought a new mattress because the old mattress crapped out, which I blame 100% on the children.  I submit the following as photographic evidence. IMG_5545 IMG_5564 I’ll be taking that out of their allowance.