Last week I posted a picture of the kids using some of the Montessori-style products I purchased at Lakeshore, and several people inquired about what they were.  Their favorite by far is this Magnetic Letters set. It’s very similar to the “moveable alphabet” that is used in the Montessori classroom. Now we can buy simple sight word flashcards for each child’s level, which they can then spell out.  We use a magnetic dry-erase board, and the kids use the magnetics letters to spell the word, and then use a dry-erase pen to practice writing the word themselves. Photo Mar 22, 4 57 17 PMPhoto Mar 22, 5 12 27 PM Speaking of learning toys, I just ordered these ten-frame counters from Zulily.  (Have you discovered Zulily yet? Tons of great educational toys and eco-friendly clothes at discount. You can get an invite by clicking here.)  Jafta’s class has been using the ten-frame to learn math skills so I’m excited to have a set at home.  Nerd alert. image We also found Montessori-style rugs at IKEA for $3!  Okay, I’m going to stop talking about Montessori now. Photo Mar 13, 2 41 59 PM Jafta has gone Avengers crazy this past week.  I found some fun storybook apps that he’s loving on my iphone.  Avengers Origins: Hulk  follows Stan Lee’s story narration, and Avengers Origins: Assemble features all of the superheroes and has some fun games as well.  We also found a reader book that is perfect for 1st or 2nd grade boys: The Avengers: Assemble! (Level 2). I told him he had to read the book before seeing the movie, which is always a good motivation to get kids reading. Our our drive up to LA to see the movie, he demonstrated his reading comprehension by telling me all about the book. In great detail.  For over an hour.  Yay, reading! We’re going to see the new Disney documentary about chimpanzees this weekend.  We are a house full of nature documentary geeks over here.  I watched this preview and cried a little.  Okay, a lot. Watch it and tell me that you don’t, too.