On Saturday we decided to take the kids to a nearby feed store so they could see some baby chicks and bunnies.  Aside from the experience for the kids, we had an ulterior motive: we’ve been contemplating getting some chickens for our backyard. We think we can fit a small roost near the garden, just behind the compost bin. I KNOW.  I don’t know who I am anymore. If I start wearing Birkenstocks, feel free to stage an intervention for me. Photo Apr 07, 2 41 56 PM Karis is our little animal lover.  It might look like Mark is holding her up in the photo above but in reality he is trying to keep her from crawling into the cage herself. She is fearless.  Photo Apr 07, 2 42 08 PM Photo Apr 07, 2 44 54 PM Photo Apr 07, 2 45 06 PM Unfortunately, she is not always so gentle in her enthusiasm, and I kept thinking of the part in Of Mice and Men when Lennie pets the rabbits to death. “Tell me about the rabbits, George . . .” Photo Apr 07, 2 47 49 PM On Saturday night we went to a benefit concert for Free Wheelchair Mission at the fairgrounds.  For only $63, this organization makes lightweight wheelchairs that they delivered to the disabled in third-world countries where medical equipment is not available (or affordable). Photo Apr 07, 6 11 14 PM Photo Apr 07, 5 19 19 PMPhoto Apr 07, 5 36 13 PM Photo Apr 07, 5 49 17 PM The sun was a bit hot at the concert so Mark tilted his hat to the side, and I told him that if I didn’t know him, I’d probably be taking his picture and mocking him on the internet. Which . . . yeah.  I guess I’m still doing that.  What up, brah? Photo Apr 07, 5 56 27 PM On Saturday night we prepped the Easter baskets.  We went a little light on the candy this year, in favor of a gift the kids have been wanting.  I think this might be a new tradition. Photo Apr 07, 11 03 13 PM Of course, I wouldn’t let them open their baskets until they posed for a picture in their Easter duds. This is a trick straight out of my mother’s playbook. I learned from the best.  Just look at those fake smiles, desperate to be let back in the house for access to their Easter baskets! Photo Apr 08, 7 58 51 AM And now down to business . . . Photo Apr 08, 8 01 28 AM Photo Apr 08, 8 02 20 AM Photo Apr 08, 8 03 00 AM Photo Apr 08, 8 03 08 AM Jafta got a Death Star lego set he’s been eyeing, and Kembe got a pair of Heely’s.  Kembe is naturally good at nearly everything he tries, but boy oh boy, he was humbled by the Heely’s this morning.  Photo Apr 08, 9 41 39 AM Our church had a great Easter celebration this morning at the fairgrounds.  Photo Apr 08, 10 20 20 AM I wore a new pair of shoes, which is never advised when attending a stadium-style event in the sweltering heat. The strap was cutting off circulation to my toes so I had to take it off.  (The straps have these cute little tassles.  See?) Photo Apr 08, 6 25 00 PM Mark decided to go ahead and wear the tassled straps on his wrists.  Such a hipster, this one. Photo Apr 08, 10 20 00 AM In case you are counting, this is the second time this weekend that Mark and I have taken ridiculous pictures of ourselves during a Francis Chan sermon.  Spiritual maturity . . . I’m telling you. Photo Apr 08, 10 30 20 AM Baptisms always make me weepy. Photo Apr 08, 11 28 03 AM We lined up the kids and their cousins to get a picture and they got photobombed by a guy who decided to attend the Easter service shirtless.  He took the “come just as you are” thing really seriously. Photo Apr 08, 12 00 23 PM Yay!  Everyone’s dressed up with clean hair!  More photos!  Don’t the boys look thrilled. . . Photo Apr 08, 12 02 06 PM Mark’s parents and aunt came over for brunch, and then the kids had an Easter egg hunt in the backyard. DSC_6994DSC_6996DSC_6998DSC_7012DSC_7029 DSC_7035 Midway through, Karis realized there was candy involved and decided to just have a seat and eat through her basket. Photo Apr 08, 1 40 32 PM Photo Apr 08, 1 41 55 PM In the afternoon, the kids dyed eggs and had dramatic post-candy-binge meltdowns, ticking off our last requirement in completing ALL OF THE EASTER THINGS. Photo Apr 08, 1 45 18 PM Happy Easter!