The kids got to do a little modeling this month.  I’ve seen too many True Hollywood Story episodes to pursue much more than this, but they seemed to really enjoy it.  This was a relief, given India’s performance at her last modeling gig three years ago.  Here are a couple of pictures from their shoot with Eli’s Lids. (These are the photos I took –I will share the final product from the real photographer later):



They also got to take part in a fashion show for a swanky new kid’s boutique called Bel Bambini.  India and Karis were wearing white dresses in Dior and Gaultier respectively, and I was more than a little nervous about a diaper mishap or food smear.  Fortunately they kept the dresses soil-free, and kept their catwalks tantrum-free.  Kembe had a bit of a diva moment after one of the stylists rolled his jeans up too high for his liking, but he pulled through.

India’s boyfriend Wito was also in the show. They don’t know it yet, but his mother and I have already got their wedding all planned out.  Arranged marriages are making a comeback, right?


Bel Bambini is full of adorable modern design for kids.  I was drooling over this entire setting for the girl’s room, which I need to redecorate since the room swap.  I love everything about this room.


India, on the other hand, would like her bedroom to look like this:


Fortunately, I’m the one making the design decisions at this point.