While India and I were off for our big weekend, Mark and the boys got to go to Knott’s Berry Farm to check out their new Valentine’s shows (and of course, ride a few rides). We had Karis spend the night at grandma’s so that Mark and the boys could be unfettered by toddler drama and height restrictions. Karis loves going to grandma’s, so each of my kids had an epic weekend of their own kind. Photo Feb 04, 11 33 21 AM If you aren’t familiar with Knott’s, it’s a local theme park that does lots of fun seasonal shows with the cast of Peanuts. I tried to get the plot of the Valentine’s show out of Jafta, but he just got really embarrassed. He’s in a stage where he is equally fascinated and mortified by all things romantic. Photo Feb 04, 7 14 40 PM There was also a “shotgun wedding” cowboy show, which the boys appreciated because there were guns. And also because, apparently, their father was picked out of the crowd to get married to a cross-dressing cowboy. The boys think this is the funniest thing that ever happened. “Remember when daddy got married to a man dressed like a girl?” And then they collapse into a heap of laughter while I pretend to be outraged.knotts picture Whatevs. I’m way hotter than her. Photo Feb 04, 12 12 23 PM Kembe was just tall enough to ride all of the big-kid rides this time around. He was thrilled. My boys are some serious adrenaline junkies, and they went on most of the adult roller coasters. Mark also reports that they went on the Dragon Swing ten times in a row, until he finally insisted they move on. Better Mark than me . . . my breakfast would have been long gone. Photo Feb 04, 7 14 55 PMPhoto Feb 04, 7 15 07 PM This is them, scowling at our girls’ weekend and our manicures when there are coasters to ride!