For the sixth year in a row, Neil Kramer of Citizen of the Month is hosting an annual online concert featuring bloggers performing their favorite holiday standards. Neil’s intention in the concert was to bring the blogging community together, regardless of race or religion, for some holiday fun. Last year was my first time to participate, and I used a slideshow to tell the story of waiting for Kembe to come home for three Christmases in a row.   This year, the song was a family affair.  I’m singing Little Drummer Boy while the kids play the drums.  I taught the kids a simple rhythm for their djembe – unfortunately, instead of playing the rhythm on the drum, Karis decided to just call out the rhythm, loudly and on the wrong beats, while the rest of us tried to play.  You can hear her yelling BASS tone tone tone, BASS tone tone tone as if she’s conducting the whole operation.  We finally pull it together about mid-way through . . . with me pounding out the rhythm for the kids on the piano.   You can go watch us here. christmas concert My kids and I have been watching the concert at Neil’s site all morning, and there really is something fun and magical about hearing people sing their own holiday songs, even (and maybe even especially) when their voices are not perfect. Head on over to this link for the rest of the show.