While I was at Camp Mighty this weekend several of us watched the movies Bridesmaids in our hotel room.  I’ve got lots of interesting things to say about Camp Mighty (spoiler alert: it was awesome) but while I’m unpacking and catching up on some cuddle time with the kids, I’m leaving you a topic that I’d like you to discuss amongst yourselves.  It’s something that I’ve been ruminating on since watching the wedding scene in Bridesmaids that portrayed the main character’s parents: interracial couples and families on film. I think it’s really rare to see interracial couples in a movie where the plot is not directly related to interracial dating.  Honestly, I find it a little refreshing.  I think it’s great that there are movies that address the implications of interracial dating, but at the same time they usually tend to be exaggerated for comedic effect.  So, I’m curious.  What other movies portray couples that are from difference ethnic backgrounds, without making the racial difference the subject of the film?  And how about the same with transracially adopted children?  I might just have to curate a list. Rachel-Getting-Married image image