I might have mentioned that I am kind of a geek about Christmas photos. I could spend some serious time poring over all of the different options and obsessing over which photo to choose.  I’ve always been a curator (obviously, because that’s what we bloggers do).  Before I blogged, I was a scrapbooker.  A hoarder of photos. A journal writer.  A momento-keeper.  The Christmas photo always feels like the annual moment where I can capture our whole family and freeze that season in time.  (It’s also one of the few times of the year we are all actually in the same photograph at the same time, since usually I’m the one behind the camera). We’re having our photos taken in a few days, and I’ve also been deliberating over clothing choices.  I just found this awesome what to wear guide on Pinterest from Taryn Photographyimage I’m going with the color scheme that’s 4th from the bottom – blues, purples pinks, and greens. This is kind of a departure for me, because we’ve done some variation of brown, beige, and blue for every single family photo we’ve ever taken.  Exhibit A: H3268 Exhibit B:   58 So I’m kind of living dangerously right now, dipping my toes into the jewel tones instead of the neutrals.  Am I boring you yet with my photo clothing obsessing?  LET’S LOOK AT SOME CARDS! If you are looking for some unique cards this Christmas, check out Picaboo.  Earlier this year I wrote about my first experience ordering a Picaboo photo book.   They offer a number of photo printing services, including gorgeous  full-sized, high-resolution photobooks. I did a photobook highlighting our photos from last year with our favorite photographer, Drew B.  I was really happy to here that Picaboo added holiday cards to their product line. image I’m thinking this could go nicely with our color scheme.  Plus, they put a bird on it!  Love the twigs, too. image I like the gray background on this card, as well.  Also think this could compliment our clothing.  image I like this card because it gives the option for one large family photo on the front, and then a single shot of each child inside.  (It is much easier to capture my kids smiling in a solo shot.) Am I the only one who obsesses about the family wardrobe for each year’s holiday photo?  Are you planning and scheming, too?  What colors are you going with?  What are your tricks for having your family coordinate while avoiding the whole “white shirt and jeans” look?  (No one is doing that anymore, are they?)    This post was sponsored by Picaboo.  If you are interested in checking out the selection at Picaboo, they’ve thrown in a prize to sweeten the deal. Use code GREAT-KH when you check out, and if you buy 25 cards, you’ll get 25 cards free. If you buy 50 cards, you’ll get 50 cards free.