I spent last week sidelined with the flu, which came at the exact time that Mark had a three-day professional training.  It. Was. Awful.  But we survived.  I started feeling better on Sunday and hit the ground running.  I took the kids to a book fair/flashmob and then an Ozomatli concert Sunday night.  I spent Monday in a working frenzy trying to catch up on the work I missed, and on Tuesday I took the kids to see Shrek the Musical.  (my little backup dancers on stage with Ozomatli) On Wednesday morning, The Flu returned with a vengeance.  The Flu was all, “Yo, we’ve got some unfinished business.  I don’t think you heard me about the slowing down thing.”  And I was all, “Uh-uh, homie.  I gots things to do.”  And then I went to pick up Jafta from school and I barfed out of the window of my car several times on the way home, and The Flu was all, “How do you like me now?”  And I was all, “OH NO YOU DI’IN’T!” And I’ve been in bed ever since.  It would be an understatement to say I’m feeling defeated, but my puking-out-of-the-car incident did have a silver lining.  Jafta and India were both in the car (India had stayed home from school sick and Jafta gets out early on Wednesday).  I told the kids that I wasn’t feeling well, and as I pulled the car over India told me unsolicited that she wanted to pray for me, and said the sweetest little prayer.  Then, as I was losing my lunch on the side of the road, I could hear her calling, “I love you so much, mommy.  You’re gonna be okay.”  When we got home I staggered to my bed, and Jafta came running in with a bowl for me, and a “boo-boo pack” from the freezer.  And then they both prayed for me again. It was such a sweet moment, in the middle of what is shaping up to be a sucky week.  My kids can be loud and messy and chaotic and difficult, but that day they showed me they are also full of compassion.  They’re good, kind kids at the core . . . and that’s really what I want them to be more than anything.  That made me feel good. You know what else would make me feel good?  This flu going away.