Confession: I nearly dropped the ball on Kembe and India’s birthday this year.  I don’t know what it is about October, but it always creeps up on me.  There is something about the end of summer, the new school routine, and the weather that still feels like it’s August that always leaves me SHOCKED when October rolls around.  So on the last day of September, I looked at the calendar and had a little moment of panic that it was one week until the twin’s birthday and I hadn’t planned a thing.  There was a little extra panic involved, since I was in the midst of a flu that was kicking my butt, and really didn’t have the time or the energy to make invitations for the party. I’m a big fan of Evite.  I find paper invitations to be time-consuming and pricey.  No matter what, they always take more time that I plan . . . usually involving several hours of me trying to align the thing with the text I’m printing to get it perfectly centered.  And since I was sick, I really had no desire to go out and buy and assemble or print invitations.  Nor did I trust my husband to buy them.  I really wanted to stick with a simple Evite, but much to my disappointment the preschool does not give out a list of the other parent’s contact information.  So about a week before their party I found myself home sick, with no option but to create an invite I could send to the school for the kids in class. I was staring at the Evite, lamenting the fact that it was so darn pretty and easy and I couldn’t use it without those email addresses.  Then I had the thought to take a screenshot of the thing, because . . . why reinvest the wheel? kembe and india birthday invite And then, in a move of lazy brilliance, I decided to see what happened if I uploaded the screenshot to Shutterfly and sent them to print at Target.  I wasn’t sure if it would be readable, but I figured it couldn’t hurt. india and kembe evite printed birthday invitation Then I called Mark to pick them up at Target on his way home from work, since I was still too sick to be running errands.  I was pretty pleased with how they came out.   I got 40photo invitations for a grand total of about $5, about an hour after I ordered them.  And best of all, the picture helped all the parents at the new preschool know which kids were Kembe and India.  I threw them in some extra envelopes I had lying around and called it a day.  If you are ever in a bind and need a quick and easy invitation, I highly recommend this method.  I’m quite pleased with myself for thinking of it.  Except for the whole copyright infringement part.  Yeah . . . YOU SHOULD NOT DO THIS. Many apologies to Drew B for sullying her gorgeous photography on a card I printed at Target.  Also, apologies to the designers at Evite.  I was desperate.