I love the tradition of Christmas photo cards. I really do. I look forward to getting them every year, and I put them in a scrapbook each year that I pull out during the holiday season. It’s always fun to see how families (and hairstyles) are changing with each new year. I also love making our own holiday photo cards. It is so rare to get all six of us in a photo together, much less while we are wearing clean and color-coordinated clothes. I do love that the annual photo card forces me to be intentional about getting portraits done.  I’ve already been trying to choose what card to use. I’ve used Shutterfly for a long time. They have a great selection and their prices are really reasonable. I’ve always been able to find designs that fit our style.  But this year . . . they have outdone themselves. THERE ARE SO MANY CUTE CHRISTMAS CARDS THIS YEAR. Seriously. I don’t know how I will choose. I’m liking some of the bright colors this year: image

I love these cards that let you incorporate your Christmas letter. If only I could condense my year to fit. Maybe not this year, but I think this is such a cool idea: image

I’m also really loving the cards where the photo bleeds to the edge. It makes the picture more of the focus and gives a clean, modern look. image   image

I like the layered look on these: image image (On a completely unrelated note, I also love that Shutterfly is using so many multi-racial families in their advertising)

I haven’t quite decided which card to use.  I can never decide if I want one prominent family shot, or if it’s better to highlight smaller shots of each child’s face.   How do you decide?
This was a sponsored post by Shutterfly, but my obsession with holiday cards is all my own.  And as a reward for those paying attention: I’m giving away 25 free Shutterfly cards to the first three commenters on this post.  Lucky you!