Well, part of the secret stress I was under last month is no longer a secret.  Yesterday we announced the new happenings at ShePosts, the online news magazine I’ve been editing for the past year.  In short, I bought it.  I’m thrilled to be partnered as co-owner with my friend Deb, who has some great experience that I think will compliment mine.  (Incidentally, Deb and I were both named in the Funniest Moms on Twitter list put out by Babble last week.  And here we are, partnering on an industry news website. Which might be the opposite of a humor site.  Oh well!  We’ll keep yucking it up on twitter).  Here’s a part of the announcement in the letter that went public this week: image

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes, collaborating on an exciting future for ShePosts.  As you may know, Esther Brady Crawford founded the website in 2009.  Esther’s brilliance is calling her to grand things with the up-and-coming GLMPS iphone app and many other endeavors.  We are excited to announce that a change of ownership has occurred through a sale of the site, with Kristen Howerton and Deb Rox stepping up to partner as co-owners going forward.  Kristen has been acting as managing editor of ShePosts for the past year, and Deb brings a wealth of experience as an entrepreneurial business development and project management consultant with deep roots in the blogosphere as a blogger, agent/business liaison for bloggers and frequent conference speaker. We plan to continue Esther’s goal of being a knowledgeable resource for news, information and analysis about the influential women’s blogosphere. 

So, yeah.  Big stuff.  It’s exciting and overwhelming at surreal,  all at the same time.  I’ve really enjoyed working on ShePosts the past year, and it’s been fun digging in and learning more about how women are shaping the online space.  I’m excited to continue being a part of curating what’s going on.  I love getting to shine a spotlight on women in online media. This new role means that I’ve stepped back from some of the other writing gigs I’ve been doing – that’s been bittersweet but I’m trying really hard to pare down and focus on ramping up ShePosts for this season.  I’m excited.  Did I mention that? It’s so funny – last night I was telling Mark how strange it feels that buying a url is my first big venture into the business world.  Not at all what I imagined I would be doing back when I was in college.  But then again. . . . back when I was in college, I had never heard of a website.  Crazy times we are living in.