I got back from Mighty Summit yesterday and I’m in the midst of unpacking (literally and figuratively).  It was an incredible weekend that I hope to write about more in detail, once I’ve had the chance to reconnect with the kids, upload my photos, and dig myself out of a serious email black hole.  For now, I’m posting pictures of our big night out with the boys at the Weezer show last week. I was thrilled to see Weezer again – the last time I saw them play was at the MTV Movie Awards in 2001 . . . ten years ago!  Man, that makes me feel old.  They played their new single at the time (hashpipe) and I remember Cameron Diaz jumping up and headbanging for the whole song.  We showed the boys the video of that night, and Jafta was less impressed that I was there in the audience, and more concerned about whether or not the pyrotechnics would catch him on fire.
We bought the boys some noise-cancelling headphones for the show and Jafta was REALLY EXCITED to wear them. So excited that he wore them the entire car ride on the way to the concert.   He is dedicated.  He was also excited for the extra protection they might provide in the case of his head catching on fire.  Nerd alert!

We caught a little Ziggy Marley before the big show. 
Then we met up with our friend Tariku.  Matching headphones! *fistpump*

Before the big show, the boys played a little soccer backstage.  You know, just kicking the ball around with various members of the headlining band a couple minutes before they go on stage.  USUAL STUFF.

It was sort of cracking me up that the boys had no reference for their backstage access, beyond the fact that it was Tariku’s daddy’s band.  They were walking around like they owned the place . . . eating food from the catering table and asking for drinks from the trailers.  At once point, I got caught up in a conversation with another mom . . . about preschool transitions and potty training (just your typical rockstar backstage conversation) and I noticed that Kembe was no longer in sight.  Mark had taken Jafta to the bathroom, and Kembe had completely disappeared.  I had one of those moments of panic, and tried to remind myself that we were in a heavily secured area.  I searched for him all over to no avail.  Everywhere except for the stage – the stage in front of thousands of people, accessible only by a narrow walkway flanked by huge security guards.  Surely he would not have walked up there by himself?
Why, yes.  Yes he did.  I tweeted this picture out during the show, after discovering him there.  I think SueBob’s comment is my favorite ever: “That’s a long way from Haiti”. Indeed. It seemed like a good enough place to watch the show.  Now the boys can officially join Mark in his concert snobbery.  Every show after this will just be one huge disappointment.

It was fun to see Tariku watch his dad play.  He was my dance partner for the evening.  Every few minutes I would feel his little hand tap my shoulder and turn around to him grabbing my hands to make me dance.  So cute.  Future rock star, for sure.

YouTube Video
Thanks to Jillian and Scott for such a fun night! (Oh, and for anyone concerned about Jafta: he did not, in fact, catch fire during the show.)