A couple months ago I wrote about a new campaign that Compassion International is behind.  It’s called Live58, and they have created a film called 58: Fast Forward The End of Poverty.  The goal of this campaign is to unite churches to eradicate poverty. The movie premieres this October, and it is full of inspiring stories of the global church in action. I had the chance to preview the film, and what I really like is the way it highlights the way everyday people are effecting change, from the slums of Kenya to the streets of New York.   The film portrays a young British woman prevailing over the pressures of consumer society, Ethiopian Christians working to restore their environment, an American business owner promoting Fair Trade coffee and connecting his local community with the work of ending poverty, a local pastor in India working to help those enslaved by bonded labor, and the generosity of New York youth who gave up their own food for the sake of those with even less. The stories are both inspirational and convicting.   The filmmakers have offered my readers an invitation to watch the film at one of the the 50 premiere events happening at theaters nationwide.  You can check on tickets and locations here, using the access code KRISTENHOWERTON.  If you are interested in requesting a free screening kit for your church or group, you can request one here.