I think it’s been more than a week since I purged the iphone photos.  I’m a wee bit behind on blogging. And emails.  And life in general.  Ever have days where you have so much to do that you just sit, paralyzed, staring at the computer screen, sort o opening and closing browser windows wondering where to start and then realizing it’s been two hours and you’ve done nothing?  Yeah.  I’ve been doing a lot of that lately. Anyways, here are some snapshots of the last few weeks.
Jafta got some hand-me-downs from some older friends.  He was pretty excited to go to school in his “skinny cords”.

India likes to embarrass Jafta with lots of hugs and kisses when we pick him up.  He pretends to hate it.

Jafta started piano lessons last week!  (Yes, I’m still planning to paint that thing yellow.  Any day now.)

Karis likes to play with my makeup.  And when I don’t allow it, she waits until I’m not looking and then uses a magic market to apply her lipstick.  She’s my little goth princess.

Our family is now a house divided over sushi.  They boys say YAY, the girls say NAY. 

Fortunately edemame and white rice are on the girls’ list of Ten Approved Foods We Will Eat.

The girls were mesmerized by a snail outside of our gym the other morning.   Fortunately Jafta wasn’t there, so there was no risk of the thing being eaten.

The boys are also taking hand drum lessons.  Our fearless music teacher is a friend’s son, who is in high school and insanely talented and good with my kids.  Jackpot!  The boys love when he comes.  Tomorrow night we are seeing his band play at House of Blues, which I suspect will boost the boys’ motivation to stick with their practicing even more.  Yay for cool teenage mentors! 
Our garden is still going strong!  The kids are much more excited to eat fruits and vegetables when they’ve come from the garden.
I will put these children in footie pajamas until they are physically old enough to restrain me from doing so.  Just watch me.
The boys are playing basketball this fall, and the program has a cheer squad for girls as well.  India was so excited to cheer at her first game.

YouTube Video SO CUTE.  I may have taken 27 photos of her cheerleading, and two of the actual game.  Look, if the boys want to incorporate pom-poms into the game I might be more apt to film them.

I tried really hard to play the part of "enthusiastic sports mom" this morning. At one point, I yelled GET YOUR HEAD IN THE GAME, and as soon as it came out of my mouth I realized I was quoting a High School Musical song. I think I’m gonna need a little coaching here, too.