Jafta had his first day of first grade today.  I guess I’m supposed to be all weepy and sentimal about it, but honestly?  I’m pretty happy that the school year is starting.  This was a tough summer and I’m excited that I’ll get a little quiet time in the mornings to work, and then be able to pick up the kids refreshed and ready to hang.

It was also Kembe’s first day at Montessori, and let me tell you, we made quite an impression.  I’m going to have to wait to write about it later, because I need a bit more time for the telling of that story.  Hint: it involved poop.  And me being mortified.  And then Mark and I laughing until we cried the whole way to take Jafta to school.

Last year, I took lots of sappy photos of Jafta’s first day, but this year he was all business.

Fake smiling:

Fake smiling after ordering India to get out of his photo:

Okay, mom.  Stop taking pictures of me.  You’re embarrassing.

Jafta is feeling a little nervous about this school year.  Last year, he was in class with his best friend Ryder.  This was such a nice security blanket for him (and me).  He always had a friend to sit with at lunch, a buddy to play with at recess . . . a friend who understood and appreciated Jafta’s hands-on approach to friendship and life in general.  Sadly, Ryder’s family moved about 15 minute away and decided to homeschool, so he’s flying solo this year.  I know he’ll make new friends, but he’s really anxious  . . . and I’m pretty anxious, too.   I pick him up in a few minutes, and I’m really hoping he had a good day.