IMG_2330 On Monday, Mark and I drove back from Palm Springs, rested and relaxed and just a wee bit sunburned. IMG_2374 India’s favorite game is called “homeschool”.  She wants to play this all day long.   She makes me do circle time (calendar, the pledge, books) and then wants to sit and do homework.  Nerd alert!  Also, I’m so glad I’m paying for private preschool just so I can be doing it at home by myself, anyways.  This may come as no surprise, but Jafta and Kembe are not the least bit interested in her homeschool game. IMG_2384 They want to play basketball all day.  As does Karis, because she’s all about what the brothers are doing. IMG_2406 Twinsies! IMG_2379 Also coming soon?  A dent in my wallet.  Because no way are these four kids letting me get out of a Target run without stopping at their beloved Starbucks for a cakepop, IMG_2437 On Thursday we went to a Razor event at the Great Park.  I asked them to strike a pose.  I think this says it all. IMG_2453 India and I at the Razor event. IMG_2460 I have RSVP’s to a few too many BlogHer parties and it’s stressing me out.  Life is so hard. IMG_2484 On Saturday Mark officiated a wedding down in San Diego. It was the same day as the Del Mar races so he took the train to avoid traffic, and took Jafta along.  They had a lot of fun on their train adventure.  Meanwhile I laid out my party clothes for BlogHer.   IMG_2518 Don’t let the grainy filter fool you . . . that would be 8 knee-length black dresses.  I think I’ve outdone myself in terms of redundant cocktail dresses.  Someone stage an intervention with a floral print, quick! IMG_2572 On Sunday morning, this is the outfit India insisted on wearing to church.  A long-sleeved black hoodie in the middle of August.  I guess the penchant for black is genetic. IMG_2543 After church, we took the kids to Native Foods, where they cried about soy cheese.  I don’t really blame them.  #1 rule about eating in vegan places: stay awake from fake meat and dairy. Stay tuned next week for gratuitous photos of me at BlogHer.  I’ll be the one in the black dress.