This week is sucking pretty bad.  I’m turning to pop culture to distract me.  Is this a particularly edifying way of coping?  No.  It’s not.  But it’s better than shooting up heroin.  So. This week on Mamapop, I explore the reasons why seemingly intelligent, rational people would spend time watching Bachelor Pad 2. (Guilty.) bachelor pad white bikinis eggs target thumb1 Top Ten Reasons Otherwise Rational People Are Watching Bachelor Pad 2 I scold Natalie Portman for wearing a romper. And I post the age-old question: is a mani-pedi an appropriate outing for a three-year-old boy? Now excuse me while I go catch up on Dance Moms.  That Abby Lee is one crazy mofo! (Pardon my lanaguage.  I’ve been at the skate park all day.)