I’ve got some new posts up around the internets.  Here’s a little pimping: On MamaPop, I talk about Hilary Duff’s recently pregnancy announcement, and the fact that I felt all sad for her being a teenager until I read that she IS IN HER TWENTIES AND MARRIED.  And then, as a public service, I give a little primer on other pop starts that I still think of as teens who are now all grown up.  And then I go back to watching CNN. I also discuss some of life’s important questions, like “Is it awkward to take my dad to an unveiling of nude photos of myself?” and “How will the animals ever be saved unless celebrities take their clothes off?” On Curvy Girl Guide, I talk about quinoa.  A LOT.  I am crazy for the quinoa, apparently.  If you have ever been quinoa-curious (or just want to know how to pronounce it) this post is for you. image image image QUINOA!!!