This week was book club – my favorite night of the month because I get to have grown-up discussions eating grown-up food. We switch hosts every month, and the host leads the discussion and prepares a meal loosely based on something in the book. We read Molokai, a great summer novel about a leper colony in Hawaii. 

I spent the beginning of the week in bed with some weird strand of summer flu. I got it, both the girls got it, and our babysitter got it. All males in the house were spared. OR SO I THOUGHT …

A sick babysitter and a looming deadline meant that I got to grade 44 essays with Karis climbing up my legs. Multitasking – it’s what we do.

I love this picture – epic sunshine + ice cream.

On Wednesday I went to dinner with some friends and saw the OC premiere of The Help. It’s very good. Not as good as the book, but isn’t that always the case?

An overabundance of zucchini sent me searching out zucchini recipes. This is zucchini “hummus”. With zucchini for dipping. Sound like overkill? It was.

Kembe likes to wear my sunglasses and Mark’s hat, and somehow looks cooler in them than we do.

Jafta had football camp this week. He gave Karis a few pointers.

On Friday I was feeling a little sad about leaving the kids for our weekend get-away, so I took them to Starbucks for cake-pops. Or guilt-pops, if you will.

Mark and I took off on our big anniversary getaway, and about half-way to Palm Springs Mark was hit with the same flu bug we all had earlier in the week. He spent the first 24 hours feeling queasy, but rallied for some pool time.

Today Mark was feeling better, so we lazed around the pool and in the afternoon indulged in some separate interests. We had a nice dinner out tonight and are ready to head home to the kids tomorrow. It was a great trip – even if the only photographic evidence I have is of my feet.