I’m gonna take a cue from my friend Julie and post the week’s instagram photos on the blog. Gratuitous cute kid photos ahead . . .

Our family from Seattle was out this week.  The kids loved hanging with their cousins.

Strawberry/Kale/Almond Milk Smoothie.  It tastes better than it looks.

The cousins camped at the beach for a few nights, so we joined them in the evenings.
India took a marker to her hair.  I tried to scold her, but I had to give her props for color choice and placement,
Los Angeles, B.C. (Before Carmageddon)
Our anniversary date night
On Thursday Jafta had “crazy hair day” at robot camp, so the girls insisted they get to paint their hair, too.  (I think this may be my favorite picture of them, ever).
Another night at the beach with the cousins.
Keep Off Tower.
Making s’mores.
Jafta’s homemade robot dominated in the robot war.  As you can see, he was really humble and quiet about it.
I dusted off the juicer this week.  Beet + carrot = pink juice!
We found these eating through our tomatoes.  So gross!  Jafta was very sad we did not allow him to keep them as pets.
Juicing gives you superpowers!
Every morning, Karis sneaks out of her room and into the living room to pilfer through my purse and play with my makeup.  More often than not, she has applied mascara to her lips.  She’s channeling Robert Smith.
Our first zuccini!  With a robot photobomb.  Too bad that robot doesn’t kill caterpillars.