We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary on Wednesday.


You know, I’m not surprised that we are still married.  I just can’t believe I’m old enough to have been married that long.

Fifteen years seems old, right?  Gah.

We spent our evening in LA, taking our chances on the 405 with the impending Carmageddon this weekend (roads were clear!)  We ate at a darling little restaurant called Cafe Gratitude.  The vibe was soooo LA.  All of the food was organic and vegan.  All of the boobs were fake.  But I must say, our meal was fantastic.

We also got the chance to see Jillian Lauren’s performance piece called Mother Tongue.  I’m not even sure how to adequately describe how awesome this was.  Jillian wrote the show herself, and it followed her journey from being adopted as an infant leading up to the adopting of her son from Ethiopia.  But the whole thing was interspersed with the story of three character- a fiery young black man who was adopted as a child, an enthusiastic adoptive mom trying to help her traumatized child, and a birthmom struggling to keep her child . . . all expertly played by Jillian.  It was emotional and amazing and if somehow you are a broadway producer YOU NEED TO CALL HER.  Jillian is a rock-star. (I can’t wait to read her next novel). 

Dinner and a play – a great way to spend our anniversary.  And we’re getting away in a few days, too, for a couple nights of lounging by the pool in the dessert.  BY OURSELVES.  I can’t wait.