When I had the idea to do the What I Want You To Know series, I figured it would involve a couple guest posts for a few weeks.  I had a couple topics in mind that I thought people would write about, but my vision was pretty small in terms of the breadth and depth of topics that would be covered.  I have been so blown away by the response to this series, both by the readers and the writers.  To those of you who read here every week, thank you for the support you have given to women who have shared.  I have loved seeing this become a place of support, and I appreciate how often people tell me that they look forward to the guest post every week.  (In fact, in four years of blogging, the most-read post on my sight has been Sarah’s essay about being single.) And to those who have written your stories . . . THANK YOU for baring your souls and allowing us to see into your world and understand you better.  My original intention in this little online experiment was to create a sort of empathy-building experience, and you have really facilitated that with your openness.  You have helped me to feel like this blogging space I’ve created has a bit more meaning and substance than just me telling stories that will embarrass my children and whining about how dumb the contestants are on the Bachelorette.  (Seriously, though . . . BENTLEY!?!?  I digress.) I was just looking at the submission form and was astounded at how many stories are waiting in the queue.  Stories that I don’t want to hold back.  So, I’ve decided to post a story a day for the next couple of weeks.  This will allow me to catch up the queue, but it will also allow me to spend the next couple of weeks focusing my attention on where it needs to be: finishing up this summer intensive I’m teaching, having fun with our visiting nephews, and getting our makeover of ShePosts running smoothly.  Oh, yes.  And the whole 6-day-a-week boot camp I’m doing.  Just those lil’ ole things. I think you will enjoy the stories that are to come.  And, as always, if there is an aspect of your unique story that you wish people understood, or a facet of your life that you’d like to talk about anonymously, feel free to submit your story here Photobucket