Yesterday I printed out my calendar for the next month and just looking at it has me a little terrified.  It’s going to be a really full month and it’s going to require quite a bit of energy on my part.  Fortunately, with four children and excellent sleeping habits that shouldn’t be a problem. MWAHAHAHAHAHA. I’m teaching a summer intensive at the university right now.  I’ve not done this before at the pacing is pretty nuts.  It’s basically a full semester’s worth of class packed into six weeks.  I have 27 students and the preparation, class time, and grading that is required is kicking my butt so far. My nanny is on a mission trip to Mozambique for the entire month.  How this happened to fall in the month that I’m teaching an intensive is beyond me, but that’s adding to the chaos.  Also, in just over a week, my two nephews arrive to stay for the rest of the month.  So I will have six kids.  (To be fair, they are teenagers and will probably make my life easier in many ways, but still.  SIX KIDS.  Help.) austin and derek I’m also starting the boot camp thing at my local YMCA tomorrow.  Yesterday I went to the orientation and I had to fight the urge to run out the door screaming.  All we did today was the “fitness test” and I am already sore.  (Both my body and my ego).  There was mention of us bringing our own buckets on certain days.  IN CASE WE PUKE.   I am fighting a life-long narrative of “not being the athletic type” by signing up for this class, and now that it’s coming down to the wire I am regularly asking myself what in the world I am thinking.  I am scared.  Real scared. I am now three days into The Fresh Diet.  I am really, really loving it so far, but let’s be honest.  I’m hungry.  It’s a rude awakening to see what a sensible portion really looks like, when prepared by someone else.  But I do love having my “meal fairy” drop off my food each night and I think it will make this hairy month just a wee bit smoother.  We also have all of the typical end-of-the-school-year activities, soccer games, birthday parties, etc, and the small matter of my other job and this little ole’ blog.  Which may be neglected a bit in the coming weeks.  Or may become a place where I whine incessantly about things like  “boot camp” and “summer intensives” and “philanthropic nannies”.  Time will tell.