Here are some posts I enjoyed this week:   PajamaJeans Are Here For Your Equal Opportunity Comfort from moxiebird This post made me laugh.  I may or may not have a pair of these that I wear just to bed.  And occasionally to Target.   My Core from The Extraordinary Ordinary A post about ambivalence.  I can relate.  Or not.   Cutting the social media fat from Motherhood Uncensored I need to do this.   Adoption Misconceptions from Peter’s Cross Station Good thoughts on adoption   Dressing Room Pet Peeves from Curvy Girl Guide If you don’t relate to this post, we could probably never be friends.   What You Don’t Know Can Hurt from Kidneys and Eyes In response to a website that posts pictures of children too big for their strollers   11 days until Judgment Day (and I’m not laughing) from Jesus Needs New PR A sobering post about poking fun at the people who think May 21st is the end of the world   Adoption Paradigms from My Fascinating Life Interesting thoughts on how adoption paradigms may be objective within the triad.   *Jafta and I made it back from our trip last night after a VERY LONG day of travel with DELAYS!  And MORE DELAYS!  Happy to be home.