I had a really interesting day today – one of those surreal days where I laugh at the strange perks of this mommy-blogging phenomenon.  I got to go to Fox Studios in LA to meet with several people in their marketing team and Corby from Different Drummer PR.  It was just myself and my friend Carlos Whittaker (who is an amazing blogger and also the dad in that famous single ladies video).  We got to preview some of the new features on the latest Narnia movie Dawn Treader, which I am really excited to watch with Jafta.  We also got to tour the lot and I did manage to restrain myself from busting in on the Modern Family set – but most of all we had some amazing conversations about entertainment and the Christian community with some really smart and savvy women at Fox. kristen howerton carlos whitaker (Look! That’s Rain Wilson talking on a cellphone behind us!) (No, it’s not.)
We talked quite a bit about the value of movies that teach kids about character.  I think the Narnia series is a great example of that.  It has a high production value and it has all the elements to draw a child into the story (action, adventure, romance, etc.)  It’s an epic tale with a message of integrity, and there while there are definitely Christian themes, it is a values-driven movie that would appeal to non-religious families as well.  (Also, the DVD special features?  ARE REALLY COOL.) image Anyways, we also talked about values-driven films for adults, and this is where I would love your feedback.  Carlos and I were both in agreement that I’m not so sure that the Christians of the younger generations are actually all that interested in overtly Christian films.  I think this is especially true in the Christian hipster movement, but I think it overlaps in mainstream Christianity as well.  My perception is that we are all a little skeptical of Christian films.  Maybe because they’ve been done poorly in the past, maybe because they often feel preachy and contrived . . . but for whatever reason I think that my generation, and the younger set, would be more excited to see a secular movie with Christian themes than a Christian movie.  We did talk about examples of overtly Christian movies that have been done well, but I honestly couldn’t think of many.  We also talked about how there is definitely a market (Fireproof being an example of a success, though I haven’t seen it.)  But I wonder if that market skews a bit older.  Anyways, I would be curious to hear your thoughts on Christian movies.  If you are non-religious, do you find a movie with overt Christian themes to be off-putting?  And if you are a Christian, are there some specifically Christian films that you really enjoy?  Would you agree that Christians are skeptical of Christian movies?  If so, why is that the case?  And what changes would you love to see in the movie industry in the way of Christian entertainment?