Today is Karis’s 2nd birthday.  I am trying not to think about it too much, because if I think about it too much, I will have to acknowledge that being TWO definitely catapults her out of the baby stage, and I am in total and complete denial about that fact.  We celebrated her birthday on Sunday, when the grandparents were here. For reasons that are beyond my comprehension, I admitted to Jafta that Sunday was not her real birthday, and today he has been very, very concerned about how we would celebrate her birthday today.  Perhaps we need to go to Disney?  Maybe we should maker cupcakes?  Should we rent a bouncehouse for the evening? I’m not quite sure to how explain to him that two is the PHONE-IT-IN birthday (right?), and that a candle and a couple gifts is as good as she’s gonna get until she’s old enough to actually remember my efforts. (Not to mention, she got to go to Disney with her grandma and aunt yesterday.  And I mean that literally.  Don’t mention it.  Because Jafta’s compassion stops just short of someone going to Disney without him). Photos of the celebration that Jafta has deemed invalid: DSC_5101DSC_5104DSC_5105 IMG_0538DSC_5126IMG_0548DSC_5127 IMG_0551IMG_05570 I will probably attempt to buy off Jafta’s indignation with a trip to the cupcake store after dinner.  Man, these kids are a tough crowd.