I was going through photos on my computer this morning, editing out the mass amounts of dud pictures I’ve taken.  I was just about to delete this photo I captured at Jafta’s jog-a-thon a few weeks ago, because before I cropped it, it was just a random crowd shot without a real focus.  But then I squinted and noticed that Jafta and Karis were in the middle of the shot.   Karis had insisted on wearing a princess costume that morning.  She was very excited to cheer Jafta on.

Jafta started the jog-a-thon strong.  At the beginning, he was running circles around his classmates (literally).  He was sprinting with all his might, but the point of the jog-a-ton was to run for 20 straight minutes.  He was going way too fast to maintain his pace. (I have no idea where he learned that habit).  About halfway through, he grew tired.  The heat, the asthma, and the sprinting caught up with him, and he had to walk.  He was really bummed and fighting tears.  He wanted to be the fastest, and everyone was passing him.

Karis saw that he was upset and took his hand and walked a lap with him.

I’ve been at a conference in New Orleans all weekend.  Whenever I’m gone, I miss my kids like crazy, and I come back with a renewed sense of wonder at what amazing little beings they are.  I’m feeling a little sentimental today, and this picture did me in.