image This is Mark’s winning grilled cheese recipe. 

Praise Cheeses Sandwich
Start with sour dough bread, pepper-jack and cheddar cheese.  Add heirloom tomatoes, marinated peppers, smoked beef, and pesto spread. Butter the bread and grill it to perfection. Cut the grilled sandwich in half and top it with fresh sliced avocado and sun dried tomatoes.

By the way, that post about his winning sandwich was my 884th post on this blog, and of all the things I have written, this is the first time he has ever commented on my blog.  Not me saying I hate him, or making fun of him wearing 3D glasses while watching Chuck, or when I wrote out the entire story of our relationship.  Nooo.  Some strangers on the internet wanted him to post a recipe. Whatever.  Winning a year of Tillamook cheese is going to straight to his head.  And probably straight to my hips.  Let’s be honest.