My Today Show segment aired today. It was scheduled for Friday but got pushed back due to News Of Actual Import.  I meant to email the producer to find out when it would be on. And I meant to set my Tivo to season pass the Today Show.  But I forgot to do both things, so instead I puttered around this morning and then learned that I missed the segment when I logged into facebook.  Oops.  Fortunately someone found it online for me.  I’m really glad I have facebook to let me know what is going on in my life. Notes to self: 1) do not allow yourself to be filmed from a dashboard camera that is level with your chest and aimed at your chin. 2) when you are gonna be on national tv, go ahead and take the time to flatiron the back of your hair. 3) my minivan has never before and will never again be that clean. And by the way, I always blog with a child cuddled sweetly in my arms, gazing at what I’m writing in enthralled rapture.  Don’t you?   Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy