It is so hard to believe that one year ago, Kembe joined our family. first picture jafta balloons   mark2 family hug crowd Tonight I am reminded of the hours I spent on the computer one year ago, wondering every day when Kembe would be able to leave Haiti and come home.  It is good to look back and reflect on the relief and joy we felt at his homecoming, but also to acknowledge how difficult that transition was for Kembe.  For all of us. This year has been the most challenging year our family has ever faced.  And yet, I can also look back and see how far we have come.  Our bond with Kembe grows every day and he is reciprocating that attachment.  He cuddles into us with us, and tells us how much he loves us spontaneously and comfortably.  We still have our challenges, but we are no longer fumbling in the dark.  It doesn’t feel like we are “learning to be a family” anymore.  We are a family.  A family with real challenges . . but a family nonetheless.  05 If you are new around here and want to catch up on the craziness that was January 2010, click here.  But you’ll have to read from the bottom of the page up for it to make any sense.  Though I think we are still trying to make sense of it.