I am going to be on The Today Show on Friday, spewing my violent rhetoric against the minivan.  While I’m driving one. On Tuesday, a crew came out to my house t o film a short segment.  They put cameras all over my car – three on the dashboard, a couple filming the kids, and even cameras the sides and top of the car.  The boys were sure they were spy cameras.  I am concerned they may actually be double chin cameras, but we shall see. DSC_4358 Here I am trying to look natural and pleasant walking to the car as Karis tries to simultaneously push me and wiggle herself out of my arms. (By the way, I asked for feedback on those boots on Facebook and they got mixed reviews.  I’m kind of liking them.  Plus, they were $23 at Target.  $23!!!  Sure, I had to put a $75 insole into them in order to wear them for more than a half hour, but when I get tired of them they can double as cowboy boots in the costume bin.) DSC_43630 Speaking of cowboys and acting natural, here is what India did every single time the camera was on her.  They specifically asked the kids not to look at the camera.  India not only looked, but held her Jessie doll up to the camera each time it was pointed at her. DSC_4365 It was actually a fun and relaxed day.  The kids loved the boom mike and the scene snappers (what are those things called?).  I had a fun interview with Janet Shamlian.  She is a Today Show correspondent and a mom of 5 kids within seven years (she totally understood my pain).  Barring the threat of actual news, the segment should air Friday at 8, and will likely be the last stop on my minivan-bashing tour.  DSC_4373 For now.  Mwahahahaha.