I love reading the blogs of families who have answered the call to a radical lifestyle of service.  In part, I think that it is a reminder of what I aspire to . . . and in part because I like to live vicariously through the people who have made such decisions because, in truth, it scares the crap out of me.  I read the writings of women like Tara, Jamie, and Heather with equal parts conviction, inspiration, and fear. My friend Sarah now joins their ranks, having moved her family of six to Peru to work alongside Krochet Kids.  They sold nearly all of their belongings.  The picture below is of them with every single thing they own, just before they left for the airport. image I am tearful seeing this picture – in part because I am going to miss our friends, but in part because there is such beauty in this kind of surrender. They will be helping establish the first Krochet Kids program in Peru.  It’s an amazing microenterprise that allows impoverished women to support their families by knitting hats that are then purchased in the US.  If you know me in real life, you know I wear these hats all the time.  They are perfect for covering up roots, or that 3rd-day-without-washing grease.  Also, they are cute.  And support women in Uganda.  And now, because of the Goodfellows . . . Peru. image If you want to follow along with their journey, Sarah blogs here