Today was my birthday.  I spent the entire day thinking that I was turning 37 today.  I gave quite a bit of thought about the fact that I am no longer mid-thirties.  I thought about how old 37 seemed, and how brief life was, and the ways I wanted to be different as I enter my LATE THIRTIES (dun dun DUNNNNN).  This age just really felt like a milestone. Around 11pm tonight, a friend pointed out that I am 36 today, not 37.  If I’m honest, I think that tops any birthday surprise I could have received.  I’m sure 37 is a fine age to be.  But I don’t have to deal with it until next year. new year's eve We had a really nice evening, hanging with some of my friends from high school.  I was a little sad that we missed our usual date with Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper, because there is something about their completely awkward pairing that makes me giddy.  But I will just have to catch the highlights via google. Some friends just posted on facebook that they made a list of the crappy things that happened in 2010, and then burned it.  I sort of wish we had done this.  Is it just me, or was 2010 a bad year universally?  It seems like there was a whole lot of drama for so many of us. Here’s to an uneventful 2011!