Yesterday India got gum in her hair and I had to cut out a chunk in the back, and today I thought I would even it out and then just trim it up by an inch, but then I realized that I had taken off way more than an inch on one side, so then I cut my way back around to the other side, and then I cut more because I couldn’t seem to get it even, and the next thing I knew I had cut her hair off to her shoulders and OMG I COULD CRY. DSC_3987




DSC_3992 She has been begging me to cut her hair short for months (like her BFF Timory, below) but I really had no intention of complying with this request.  Except that I am an impulsive idiot.  A sad, sad idiot with bad scissor skills. image She looks beautiful, of course. And she LOVES IT.  But her baby curls are completely gone, and she looks so much older.  Every time I look at her, I see this big girl who I barely recognize.  I’ve been having a tightness of the chest all day, wondering why time passes so quickly and how I can bear her to get any older.  I have seriously had to hide my tears from her several times today because I can’t deal with how mature she looks. Next time, I think I’ll take her to the salon.  And she has lost her “gum privilege” until she is 12. Oh my gosh, she will be twelve someday!  Hold me. DSC_3988