In the spirit of our “go big or go home” 2010 holiday extravaganza, we took the kids to a little holiday fair tonight.  It was put on by our local crazy commune cult of crafters, and the hot event (next to the booth of teapot cozies) was the horse (pony? how can you tell?) carousel.  Jafta was thrilled to be able to ride a horse (pony?), but a long line meant that we stood watching other kids ride for a good portion of the evening.  At one point, one of the horses (I’m just gonna call it a horse) had to urinate.  The horse didn’t stopped to pee, it just kept on walking as a horrified little girl was riding it.  The pee came out of that horse with a force that could power a small village.  Sort of like a pressure hose.  And the volume of pee . . . it’s really hard to adequately describe.  We were standing several feet away when it started and I thought, surely this will not flood the area where we are standing.  IT FLOODED THE AREA WHERE WE WERE STANDING. Now, you should know that my boys reacted to all of this with the level of joy and elation that should be reserved for things like Santa sightings or candy raining down from the sky.  In fact, they did see Santa tonight, and they acted completely unimpressed.  But horse pee?  Why, this is something to celebrate!  With jumping and hugs and high fives!  Preferably as we skip and hop and splash in the actual pee we are celebrating! After about ten minutes of me corralling my children away from the lake of horse pee, it was time for Jafta to have his magical ride.  All was going well and the kids seemed to be really enjoying themselves, when suddenly Jafta’s horse deciding to unload several gallons of water onto the pavement.  And if I had thought Jafta’s joy was complete after seeing the first horse pee, I was wrong.  So wrong.  Because being the lucky rider on the peeing horse was like winning the lottery for Jafta.  Maybe as exciting as the pie in his face. He was so excited about having HIS horse pee that he talked about it nonstop for the rest of the evening.  He was giddy and smiling ear-to-ear, and pronounced it to every single person we saw.  He truly considers himself to be the luckiest boy alive.  And he just might be. horse pony (Again, with the blurry iphone photos because someone can’t remember to charge her camera.  But I did manage not to lose Karis tonight, so . . . I win!).