(Part 1 is here) Where were we?  Christmas Eve. We had breakfast with friends. Mark took the kids to the park while I played Santa. It seemed a little strange to have the kids open gifts in their clothes.  So even though it was well past noon when they got home from the park, I made them change into their pajamas before entering the house.  And the rest was pure Christmas magic. DSC_4216_thumb[3] DSC_4222_thumb[3] DSC_4224_thumb[2] DSC_4236_thumb[1] DSC_4240_thumb[1] DSC_4251_thumb[2]DSC_4252_thumb[1] Snack break.DSC_4253_thumb[1]DSC_4265_thumb[3]DSC_4273_thumb[3] DSC_4271_thumb[1]DSC_4262_thumb[2] Kembe and Karis think the djembe drum covers make nice hats.  (Djembe: rhymes with Kembe). DSC_4278_thumb[1] I feel compelled to say that I feel strongly that adoption is not about removing a child from poverty so that the child can have a better life materially.  It’s about creating a family for a child.  I also feel compelled to say that Kembe’s first Christmas since coming home from Haiti?  Was awesome to behold.  It was so fun to experience it with him. DSC_4293_thumb[2] We had an amazing Christmas this Christmas Eve . . . and spent the evening packing while the kids were distracted with their new toys.  And the next morning, we left California and arrived in a snowy Atlanta for our first White Christmas.  But that is a story for another post.