Today at Mama Manifesto, all of our writers took part in a “ten on ten” experiment: we each posted a photo of what we were doing for ten consecutive hours.  It was fun to see the results.  My assignment was 2pm:
DSC_2433 2 pm, by Kristen: Two siblings, engaged in an epic battle: Will we play princess dress-up, or beanbag spaceship? Finally, a compromise. To see the rest of the day’s compilation, head on over to Mama Manifesto. In other scenes from our day, the kids playing dress up: DSC_2419 Kembe is a very good sport about dressing up as a princess, having avoided much of the gender stereotyping in American television.  Though most of the time, his preferred costume is a set of princess heels paired with a Jedi robe.  This combination irks Jafta to no end (JEDI’S DON’T WEAR THOSE SHOES!!), but Kembe does not care.  He is a big fan of the clackety noise of those heels.  I am NOT. DSC_2412 Karis had to get in on the cross-dressing, too.  She loves to wear everyone else’s shoes.  She also loves to take her clothes off.  She is my hippie child. What were you doing at 2pm?