Getting a henna tattoo at a charity gala, because everyone else is doing it, not thinking about the fact that in two weeks, IT WILL STILL BE THERE. 


laughing and not intervening when Jafta decided to put the baby in a bucket.  (Not pictured: faceplant onto the cement).

bad idea2 badidea bad idea

Showing your kids the movie Camelot, so they can get excited about their knight and princess birthday party, forgetting that it is a movie about adultery.  And also, anyone else seeing what I’m seeing with that shadow on the king?  Ahem.


Similarly, allowing the children to watch Jesus Christ Superstar in their sleeping bags at the hotel, because a) it was in the DVD player, and b) really, it’s not that sacrilegious, is it?  (Yes it is).


Also, in the hotel, letting your son dress up in his sister’s tutu everyday because, meh . . . who cares?  Only now, he’s enthusiastic about wearing that tutu for Halloween AND to the knight and princess party.  Which ought to go over really well with his peers.

badidea4 (2)

And finally, allowing your son to buy the Star Wars book at the school book fair, and then reading it to him while he wields his light saber in your lap.  Ouch.