Karis has a very distinct “picture face”.  She’s kind of a ham for the camera.  You might have noticed in the birthday pictures. DSC_2169 Anytime someone points a camera at her, she smiles a slightly crazed smile and says “cheese”.  It looks a little bit more manic when she’s wearing blue eyeshadow. DSC_2143 It doesn’t matter what she is doing.  If you try to take her picture, she will make this face. DSC_2703 DSC_2681 NO MATTER WHAT SHE’S DOING. DSC_2558 (Don’t ask me why she is on the toilet at 18 months.  Nothing is happening.  She just insists on doing every single thing her older sister does.) Sometimes, I’m able to sneak up on her and get a more natural photo. DSC_2582 Cute, right?  But then, as soon as she sees the camera, this happens: DSC_2584 Mark calls it her cheese face.  And even though she looks a little crazy . . .  we think it’s pretty darn cute. DSC_2537