Every October, I see mothers get into spirited debates about how they will handle Halloween.  Do they allow their kids to dress up?  Is it a pagan holiday to be avoided?  How will they handle all the candy?  Will they pass out healthy snacks or be “that mom” who passes out raisins? Like all good mommy debates. people are passionate about their sides. Last week on Mama Manifesto, one of our writers shared the truth about chocolate and where it comes from.  I consider myself someone empathetic to social justice issues.  I tend to be somewhat globally aware. I HAD NO IDEA. You probably don’t either.  Please, go read this.  Really.  Stop what you are doing and educate yourself.  I’ll wait. . . (watch the rest here, here, and here.) So now we know. I don’t care if your kids dresses up, or if you eschew Halloween altogether.  But I care about children being trafficked and used for labor.  We’re breaking up with commercial chocolate, or buying fair trade.  I hope you will, too.