This is a vent.  This is purely a vent.  Should you like to read about actual problems in the world, go here. But back to me and my astronomical issues.  I HATE CHANGING THE CRIB SHEETS.  I really do.  Taking off the crib bumper, pulling out the mattress, the tucking, the climbing.  I hate it.   I rarely do it.  I also hate applying emolient lotions.  We have a lot of them in my house.  Jafta has eczema, Kembe’s hair needs oil cream, Karis needs constant diaper rash cream.  And all of it leaves a slimey mess on my hands and creamy residue under my fingernails.  Mark and I actually fight every night about who has to apply the Eucerin.  And let’s not even talk about that natural sunscreen goop, and how much force and rubbing is required to applying it. So. What do you hate doing?