We are finally settling our accounts for all of the repairs that had to be made from The Great Flood and Exile of 2010 – which seems like a very dramatic description of a laundry load consisting of two towels.  But lest you think I’m being overdramatic, this rodent did some hefty damage.  And as it turns out, it wasn’t even a rat.  It was a tiny little mouse that wreaked all of this havoc.  By taking a bite out of the drainpipe of the washing machine, and setting into motion:

  • emergency water removal: $2.000
  • evacuation and storage of furniture: $4.000
  • asbestos removal: $6.000
  • hotel rental, five weeks: $6.000
  • home repairs (new drywall, flooring, etc): $19,000
  • furniture loss: $1.600

All I can say is, thank God for homeowner’s insurance.  Although the good people at AAA were very regretful to inform us that the policy would not cover direct rodent damage, only the resulting flood.  So we are on our own to replace the $300 washer we bought at Sears. I think we will manage that minor expense, all things considered. Oh, and we had to pay for the poison ourselves, too.    RIP, MOUSE IN THE HOUSE