This week, I wanted to share some posts from some of the amazing bloggers I got to meet this week at the Casual Blogger’s Conference.  One of the things I love about these women is their ability to communicate some of the universal issues of being female in their writing.  I read these posts and think, YEAH.  What she said.

Casey talks about being in the sludge of depression with clarity and vulnerability.

Allison’s post on motherhood and the sum of her accomplishments really resonates with me. 

Jessica is quite possibly one of the funniest people I’ve ever met, and I love her treatise on the etiquette of the ladies’ room.

Loralee tells a story about how much we can be affected by the words of another person – and allow our life to be altered by one opinion. 

Heather read this post during the keynote on Saturday, about bringing her first child home from the hospital and the honest feelings of grief she had for her own life.  She took me to the ugly cry.

Kristina gives perhaps the most hilarious marital advice I have ever heard.

(This is a picture of me wearing Kristina’s famous snuggie. I put it on because I thought it would be a funny picture.  Ten minutes later I was still wearing it.  The thing is gloriously comfortable.)

I read this post of Kim’s before the conference and I related so much to her tendency to hide behind her kids, and how exposed she feels without them.

Rylee talks honestly about the hardships of being a working mom, and making the most of the few hours she gets with her baby each day.

Melissa writes difficulties of being a new mom, and how much it changes her in ways she never expected.

I love Jenni’s take on being hospitable when you visit someone’s blog.

And Natalie has been doing a series on reading through the old testament.  This post is the first of five so far.  They are all hilarious, but this one, about the infertile ladies of the OT, was also very poignant.