In my online world, I tend to overshare.  I’m usually okay with that (thought I think a few family members might prefer me to filter a bit).  It’s rare that I feel regret after sharing something embarrassing.  I have no problem talking about our sex life to half of Orange County, or discussing the time I flashed the crowd at a circus, or the fact that I occasionally eat stale candy off the floor of my car.  But the footage I took Mark and I tonight, as we got in touch with our Latin sides in new and exciting ways . . . something tells me that I’ve gone too far.

(And no. It’s not that kind of footage.  Good Lord, get your mind out of the gutter).

This evening we were both on our laptops, Mark practicing his Spanish with his newly acquired Rosetta Stone, and me attempting to learn a rather fast-paced salsa/mambo/boy band routine for a flashmob (that’s right, FLASHMOB) that I’m in this weekend.  As we were both practicing skills we’ve not used since college, in our kitchen by the glow of our laptops, I had the realization that we might be having our dorkiest moment EVER.  And so, of course, I had to film it.  Because nothing gives me greater joy than letting others laugh at my expense.  (Unless I’m laughing at your expense, that is).

So, here is a taste of a hot night in the Howerton house. Please try not to be jealous of how worldly and exotic we are.

A few highlights I’d like to point out:

  • My pink plaid pajamas that I’ve had since before Jafta was born
  • The focus with which Mark is repeatedly saying sombrero
  • My choreography (the cross-arms thing.  I wanna say Backstreet Boys ’98?)
  • The number of times I hit the lamp behind me
  • Mark’s headset (so he can practice Spanish, and then break into an impromptu Rhythm Nation routine.)
  • My awesome moves (Yes, it’s true.  I was a cheerleader.  For two years.  Until I was kicked off the squad for defaming the uniform by wearing it with black tights and goth makeup.  Okay, there might have been a few other infractions leading up to that point.  But still, the spirit fingers remain.)

Yeah, it was a serious geekfest over here.  So much so, that I couldn’t NOT film it and share.  But you know what?  Mark has always wanted to learn Spanish.  And I have been dying to be in a flashmob.  And we are both one step closer to crossing something cool off our bucket lists.  And sometimes, you have to surrender to looking stupid to get there.  And then film it for everyone else to see.