I am in a hotelroom in Seattle.  Alone.  Glass of wine in hand.  Ahhh . . . it is heavenly.  I don’t think I’ve sat in this much quiet since  — well, I can’t even think of a time.   I am here to speak at a women’s conference tomorrow.  Jafta came along to have a slumber party at his cousins’ house.  It was so nice flying with just one kid – Jafta was awesome on the plane.  He was very excited about his new suitcase, that can be rolled, carried with a handle, or worn like a backpack.  He decided to change it up every 15 seconds or so.  Which made the walk from the door to the gate a little longer than it should have been.  He also decided to tell EVERY PERSON HE SAW that he had a transforming backpack, and would then illustrate it for anyone who would listen.  But . . . he sat quietly and didn’t kick the seat in front of him.  So what’s a little enthusiam over a backpack?

Also, please notice my new accessory in the photo.  It’s hanging around my neck.  After years of franticly searching for my ticket at the gate because I couldn’t remember that I’d put it in my pocket/left it at the ticket kiosk/slipped it in my suitcase/thrown it in the trash, I finally decided to buy a tacky ” Deluxe Travel Neck Pouch”.  (I know you are looking at that flesh-colored nylon monstrosity and thinking *deluxe*.)  I’d love to say that my penchant for losing my ticket is a result of trying to travel with so many kids.  But in truth, this was a pre-existing condition. We all have our tragic flaws. Losing tickets, spilling water on things, and getting lost: those happen to be mine.
Share photos on twitter with TwitpicI checked into the hotel room at 5pm, and laid down to take a quick nap.  I woke up 2 hours later.  Oops.  Last night was a late night because we met up with my nephew Austin, who is in town on a choir tour with his high school.  We met them at ESPN Zone, where we had the pleasure of paying $8 for a kids’ meal.  But then we let the kids play on all the video games without putting coins in.  So who’s the sucker now, huh?
(We are.  We’re still the suckers).
Tomorrow I’m speaking to a room full of women, and hoping I can get my brain to fully function during that time.  I think this alone time will help.