This week in That’s What She Said, I’m keeping it light.  And unisex.  And maybe a little judgemental.  Because really, in pop culture, there is just so much to mock these days.

Kristina covers some of the best celebrity quotes that may or may not be true.

John Acuff talks about his embarrassment for male singers who don’t play instruments.

Jessica Gotlieb talks about the dance routine in which 8-year-olds are grinding and dressed like strippers.  These kinds of parents are the people who keep me in business when their kids need years of therapy later in life.  Just saying.

Los Angelista goes on one of her random rants that are always hilarious.

I can never resist a good Glen Beck skewering.  The Daily Show is always great at exposing just how crazy the teaparty’s sweetheart really is. 
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And if you need more Beck train-wreck, check out SoulBrother 2.0’s commentary on Stephen Colbert calling out Beck for trying to be Martin Luther King. 

Boo Mama recaps American Idol – I no longer have time for this show, but I like reading these to pretend like I am in-the-know.

And speaking of recaps, I always enjoy a good LOST recap.  Mostly because I am so infuriated with the show, and feel like I am living in a world surrounded by crazy people who keep calling the show “brilliant” and expecting that this is all gonna wrap up in a satifactory way.  i.e., my husband, who watches it every week as I sit by, offering my critical commentary every few minutes.  People, I’m only trying to help.   Do I need to remind you that Felicity ended with a “oh wait, that was all just a dream” revelation?  Do we need to talk about the last season of Alias?  Oh, the past betrayals from JJ Abrams are getting me all riled up again.  Anyways, Shannon does a great weekly recap here, and MamaPop’s hilarious weekly sendup is here.  And once that season finale roles and you are still confused and disappointed and wondering how you can get that part of your life back, don’t say I didn’t warn you.