This week, I’m switching it up and highlighting some of the most interesting posts from the testosterone set.

Tim Wise poses an imaginary world where the tea party protestors are black.  I think his observations are provocative, but accurate.

Backpacking Dad is always good for a laugh, but this post on teaching our children and letting them fail will resonate with any parent.

Max Reddick at Soul Brother 2.0 takes a critical look at the mordern gun rights rally, and questions the motivation behind their fervor.

Matt at Conversant Life gives a pointed send-up of the new Arizona law in A Guide to Arizona’s Immigration Law for Non-Profit Christian Organizations.  Ouch.

Shaun Groves pens a thoughtful post on the differences in Christian belief

Danny of Dad Gone Mad shares his experience of taking his daughter to the doctor to find out if she is “normal”, and articulates the fears so many of us have about our kids’ health.

(A post I wrote last week about India running away was syndicated on Blogher this week.  Based on the comments there, it sounds like many of us have had the jolting experience of a child gone missing for a few minutes.  Thankfullt India has not threatened running away since that day.)