Today was a nice, relaxing day – mostly because Mark let me sleep in until 9am.  Oh the luxury.  We went to church and then we went to Habana’s restaurant – a Cuban joint at a place called the Anti-Mall.  It’s safe to say that Habana’s is about the last place most people would choose for a Mother’s Day lunch – they blare ambient techno, the servers seem perpetually annoyed by children, and it’s typically full of college-aged hipsters who are taking a break from trying on clothes at the adjacent Urban Outfitters.  But I love it, and five years ago when we were still a childless couple, I chose it for that very reason. 

Let me repeat that.  Five years ago, I had no children.  To borrow a phrase from Tara, somewhere along the line, things got seriously out of control. 


I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my thanfkulness today for my own mom, for Nancy, my amazing mother-in-law, and for the foster mom and nannies who loved on my boys before they joined our family.  And, of course, the first mothers who gave them life.

(Jafta with his foster mom, who cared for him until he was six months old)
(Kembe and his nannies in Haiti)
Happy Mother’s Day, to all women who nurture children.